Famous and Amazing Wildlife Photographers

Amazing Wildlife Photographers: Composition, hand and eye coordination, ability to follow and focus, patience and good exposure techniques are just some of the required skills in taking wildlife pictures. Animals are found in a multitude of lightning situations and requires you to understand the best way in obtaining correct exposure the reason why the exposure techniques is really important.

Nature and wildlife photography is the best way of showing our appreciation towards nature in this great planet that we live in. From a herd of elephants to a close-up image of a honeybee, they all have their own way of enticing every human being. But wait? What about the people capturing those wildlife images behind that camera lenses? Often times it is only the subject who gets all the praises and not the one who gets those incredible shots who went through a lot to snap them.

Let s know some of the best wildlife photographers that you should know:

Suzi Eszterhas

Amazing Wildlife Photographers Suzi EszterhasSuzi Eszterhas works primarily in Africa but is technically a California-based wildlife photographer. Her photography covers all types of animals from all over the world such as red-eyed tree frogs, sloths, elephants and bald eagles and has been featured in some major publications.

Will & Matt Burrard-Lucas

Amazing Wildlife Photographers Will Burrard-LucasWill and Matt Burrard-Lucas who’ve been photographers since 2004 are brothers from the United Kingdom. They have their gallery of ancient places, world cultures and treasures their behind the scenes photos. They both have the passion for wildlife photography including fascinating animals from babies to adults and their goal is to inspire people to appreciate and conserve the planets nature wonders through their portfolios.

Andy Rouse

Amazing Wildlife Photographers Andy RouseAndy Rouse is an expert in animal tracking and interpreting animal signs. He is also internationally-known for his trade-mark stance of being ‘up close and personal and for his different view point. Andy has his own TV series called Wildlife Photographer. His works appear in shirts, books, magazines, and even on billboards.

 Joel Sartore

Amazing Wildlife Photographers Joel SartoreJoel Sartore has been a contributor good for twenty years at National Geographic and a photographer who’s fascinated with nature since he was still a child. Joel has wide range photography and has been featured in so many well-known publications and appears also on several national broadcasts.

Moose Peterson

Amazing Wildlife Photographers Moose PetersonMoose is a very famous wildlife photographer who does a little of landscape and aviation photography. His works has been published worldwide and also shares his knowledge and skills though his writings. Moose has been awarded and recognized for his photography from companies like Lexar and Nikon.
We should be thankful for we are able to appreciate the goodness of wildlife and nature with the help of these famous and great wildlife photographers. They help people realize that we should save and conserve wildlife.

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